COMUS is affiliated with MOMUS – a design firm dedicated to the principles of high quality workmanship in both interior and furniture design. COMUS Vice President and Co-Founder Todd Mathews established the company in 1992 after seven years with a well-known Ann Arbor, Michigan-based interior design firm.

MOMUS focuses on interior design, primarily for high-end commercial hospitality and residential projects. Previously, the company gained international recognition for its full line of furniture, which was featured in over 60 magazines in six countries.

Enlisting the expertise of industry leaders

Club Insights

Business Intelligence Tools for Private Clubs

Based in Michigan, Club Insights is a marketing research firm that conduct member surveys on behalf of private clubs nationwide. The results provide club leadership with a strong foundation for any strategic planning process. The firm’s actionable metrics allow leaders to clearly see which areas of the club are doing great and what areas need improving to enhance the experiences of their members and guests. Club Insights also has staff culture surveys to clearly see how strong the culture is within the private club and how to improve it.

Thermo Source

Experts in Energy Cost Reduction and Renewable Energy Supply

Thermo Source is an energy cost reduction company that performs commercial-grade energy audits that identify excess utility costs. In addition, the company designs state-of-the-art systems to reduce any identified excess costs. It also develops renewable energy concepts that allow organizations to reduce their dependence on local utility companies. Since 2004, Thermo Source has assisted with numerous energy conservation projects for private clubs. These include LED lighting, geothermal HVAC, domestic hot water and pool heating, building insulation and water fixture upgrades.

Curran and Taylor Inc.

Kitchen Design

The nations design-build authority on high performance professional kitchens. Since 1959 and now in second generation ownership Curran and Taylor fixes problems by providing innovative solutions that save labor, capital outlay and operational expenses.


Caliper is a leading talent management company that, for more than 50 years, has helped businesses align their talent with strategy, acquire the right talent, develop strong people and improve individual and team performance. Caliper is the industry leader in successfully predicting and improving workplace performance for thousands of companies around the world.


Design Visualization

VectorSource is a group of digital production specialists spanning multiple disciplines including architecture, game development, animation, and web programming, dedicated to providing clients with the best visualizations current and upcoming technology can provide. They partner with their clients to collaboratively create imagery and experiences that improve design development and communication, including photo-realistic renderings, animated fly-through videos, and interactive virtual reality tours.

Calling on highly experienced specialists

Timothy R. Dark

Ground and Greens Specialist

A golf course superintendent with over 25 years of experience, Timothy most recently worked at Barton Hills Country Club in Ann Arbor, Michigan supervising a staff of over 20 employees. There, he managed a $700,000 annual maintenance budget and achieved green speeds of 10.5-12 daily and during tournament play. Among his accomplishments was hosting the 2008 USGA Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship as well as numerous Golf Association of Michigan championships. Tim also participated in a major renovation at Barton Hills, supervised the installation of new greens and tees, and helped plan and implement a clubhouse geothermal energy upgrade. He holds degrees in Turf Management and Ornamental Horticulture from Michigan State University.

Doug White

Golf Operations Specialist

A PGA Member since 1983, Doug has over 35 years of private golf club experience, and is currently Director of instruction at Lake Forest Golf Club in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Previously, he served as Head Professional at Barton Hills Country Club in Ann Arbor for the past 25 years. There, he helped host the USGA Women’s Amateur Tournament in 1998 and the USGA Women’s Mid-Amateur Tournament in 2008. Familiar with all aspect of golf, Doug served the Michigan Section PGA as an officer and president before becoming an honorary president. He also has been a Member of the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame Board of Directors since 2006.

Tyler Rae

Tyler Rae Design

Tyler Rae, a University of Kentucky graduate of Landscape Architecture, has been immersed in the Game of Golf and its playing fields since a very young age. Prior to being the Lead Design Associate and personal Shaper for Donald Ross expert Ron Prichard, Tyler shaped with Coore & Crenshaw and worked for two years in the design office for Golf Architect Keith Foster. He also ran and shaped multi-million dollar projects for an International Golf Course Builder for five years, learning how courses “come to life in the field”. During that time, he shaped and worked on projects for Architects such as Tom Doak, Robert Trent Jones Jr, Rees Jones, Art Hills, Tom Fazio, John Fought and Billy Fuller. In 2009, Tyler formed his own company, Tyler Rae Design, to take on projects on his own as well as for other Architects.

In Tyler’s spare time and when traveling, he enjoys walking Golf Courses he hasn’t seen to view their architecture and property. To date he has walked over 3,500 Golf Courses and keeps a documented drawing and photo library of them in his Office.

Anthony Pantaleone


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