Faced with aging facilities, member requests, and competitive pressures you must keep your facility comfortable and current in every respect. Comus assists you by addressing these situations in multiple areas with a comprehensive, measured and proven approach.

Through a full facility review and functional analysis, we will help you determine if a renovation is required and how any improvements -major or minor -will be best accomplished. Our expertise begins with guest experience, satisfaction evaluations, and operational review that culminates in a master plan on how your upgrade can be accomplished in the most cost effective and time – efficient manner.

As specialists in hospitality interiors, we will bring you a deep understanding that guest satisfaction must be a balanced with economic viability through the effective use of space, materials, lighting and furnishings. Rely on Comus for designs that adhere to your vision and exceed your expectations.


Helping to assure your long term viability and financial sustainability

Given ever-changing demographics, higher expectations and elevated competition the need for expert strategic planning and operational analysis is greater then ever. Rely on Comus.

For you, we will report trends, assess competitors, review finances and evaluate governance, perform energy audits and conduct surveys among many other factors. Thus fully prepared , we will create a strategic plan that addresses your mission, vision and objectives. In addition it will define the rolls, responsibilities and timelines required to accomplish all of your key business goals.


We believe success is driven by the right people

Companies are vigorously seeking solutions to improve business performance through effective selection, development and management of talent. As we believe that personality has a powerful impact on workplace performance, and by understanding what kind of behaviors come naturally to a person. what motivates that person and what inhibits that person can we determine what roles will be most suitable. This will help that individual grow and develop.

Certified in Caliper assessments and utilizing Talexes analysis, Comus Consulting helps your business with: We use both the Caliper Profile and Talexes talent solutions into measuring employee potential and organizational fit.